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1 August 1998 Wear-based aspherics generator based on a novel elliptical rotator
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Derived from an earlier development [fabrication of ultraprecise surfaces using a tube; patent pending (FAUST)], a new fabrication technique to produce on- and off-axis optical surfaces of revolution is presented. Although based on a shape-copying method, it is possible to generate different types of surfaces with the same machining tool. Load- controlled point-contact machining is applied using a small tool that is guided along a predetermined tool path, not requiring an in-process tool- path control. This fabrication technique constitutes a self-correcting process and is characterized by an advantageous error propagation between tool path and workpiece shape. The characteristics of this fabrication technique are discussed together with its application for the generation of on- and off-axis surfaces with conic sections as generators (''conic surfaces"). We present the design of a first setup for production of conic surfaces that facilitates the generation of all kinds of conic surfaces on the same machine, featuring a pantograph enabling the production of different scales of the surfaces. A discussion of first experimental data is also presented.
Oliver W. Faehnle, Hedser H. van Brug, and Hans Jan Frankena "Wear-based aspherics generator based on a novel elliptical rotator," Optical Engineering 37(8), (1 August 1998).
Published: 1 August 1998


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