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1 March 1999 Novel optical thyristors for free-space optical interconnects
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We propose and analyze novel fully depleted optical thyristors (DOTs) using multiple quantum wells (MQWs) and quarter- wavelength reflector stacks (QWRSs). MQWs are employed to enhance the absorption, while a QWRS is employed as a bottom mirror to enhance the emission efficiency as well as the optical sensitivity. In order to analyze the switching characteristics, we simulate S-shaped nonlinear current-voltage curves using a coupled junction model associated with the current-oriented method. Furthermore, emission characteristics are obtained by using the scattering-matrix method and the van Roosbroeck-Shockley relation. According to our analysis, the novel DOTs significantly improve the switching and light emission characteristics. Compared to a conventional DOT, the optical switching energy and the bit rate of the novel DOT using both mQws and a QWRS are improved by a factor of 0.45 and 1.61, respectively, for a cascading operation. We also analyze the performances of free-space optical interconnects using the novel DOTs.
Jeong-Ho Lee and Young-Wan Choi "Novel optical thyristors for free-space optical interconnects," Optical Engineering 38(3), (1 March 1999).
Published: 1 March 1999

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