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1 August 2011 Sinusoidal rotating grating for speckle reduction in laser projectors: feasibility study
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This paper describes a novel idea for reduction of speckle contrast in laser display projectors using the rotation of a diffraction pattern whose zeroth order has been canceled out without loosing power. The feasibility of the proposed method was investigated by illuminating gratings with a sinusoidal phase on two spatial light modulators (SLMs) in series for minimal intensity modulation, where the phase grating pattern was rotated with respect to the previous one on both SLMs. Two series of measurements were done with different periods of the sinusoidal grating. For each series, an image of the speckle pattern was recorded at discrete rotation angles of the phase grating, and then an average image was calculated. Experimental results were compared with a new theoretical model for speckle contrast of N partially correlated speckle patterns. The experimental measurement results compare well with the theoretical predictions resulting in a minimum speckle contrast of 0.36, with further reduction possible. Parameters necessary to achieve target contrast (0.08 or less) are discussed.
©(2011) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Sigbjørn V. Egge, Kristine Welde, Ulf L. Oesterberg, Astrid Aksnes, Nadeem M. Akram, Vladimir Kartashov, and Zhaomin Tong "Sinusoidal rotating grating for speckle reduction in laser projectors: feasibility study," Optical Engineering 50(8), 083202 (1 August 2011).
Published: 1 August 2011

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