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31 January 2012 Compact camera for three-dimensional profilometry incorporating a single MEMS mirror
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To overcome inherent problems with conventional three-dimensional profiling systems based on pattern-projection method, we propose incorporating a digital device, such as a single MEMS mirror in the projection optics. In this system, a projector is controlled to generate a projection pattern with an appropriate periodic structure and sinusoidal intensity distribution. The key aspect to this projection method is that sinusoidal signals are generated by a function generator; that is, the temporal sinusoidal intensity distribution is transformed from the time domain to the spatial domain. This flexible pattern-projection method permits phase-shifting techniques to be applied to industrial measurement and inspection. This apparatus is so compact as to have a dimensional size similar to a conventional digital camera [53  mm(H)×130  mm(W)×38  mm(D)]. Furthermore, it is lightweight (320 g) without a battery or circuit boards. Such a compact system can be used as a palm-top camera and potentially may be used in low cost measurement systems for three-dimensional profilometry.
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Toshitaka Wakayama and Toru Yoshizawa "Compact camera for three-dimensional profilometry incorporating a single MEMS mirror," Optical Engineering 51(1), 013601 (31 January 2012).
Published: 31 January 2012

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