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4 October 2012 Experiments on resonator micro-optic gyro using external cavity laser diode
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Based on the Sagnac effect, a resonator micro-optic gyro (RMOG) is a novel optical sensor used for measuring rotation velocity. Due to the advantages of small volume, narrow linewidth, and tunable wavelength, an external cavity laser diode (ECLD) is adopted. By analyzing the working mechanism of the ECLD, a new scheme of constant temperature and driving current tuning control is determined. First, a theoretical resonance curve is calculated. Then the laser frequency is successfully tracked in the RMOG. Finally, a bias stability of 1.6  deg/s over 600 s is obtained in the RMOG with a silica waveguide resonator of 12.8 cm.
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Ming Lei, Lishuang Feng, Yinzhou Zhi, Huilan Liu, and Ni Su "Experiments on resonator micro-optic gyro using external cavity laser diode," Optical Engineering 51(10), 104602 (4 October 2012).
Published: 4 October 2012

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