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14 March 2012 Low-cost dual-wavelength optical subassembly for fiber optic applications
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A dual-wavelength optical subassembly (OSA) using a typical glass-sealed transistor outline-can (TO-CAN) package is presented. The proposed OSA has a simple structure and is sufficiently compact to integrate two optical channels in a single TO-CAN package. And the proposed OSA realizes the reduction in cost by reducing the number of parts and the laser welding process. The measurement results of 3 dB of bandwidth of the proposed dual-wavelength OSA are more than 4.5 GHz for transmitter module and more than 4.0 GHz for receiver module. The clear eye diagrams with more than 8.6 dB of the extinction ratio and less than −24.5  dBm of receiver minimum sensitivity at a bit error rate of 10−10 are obtained under 2.5  Gbit/s operations.
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Kwon-Seob Lim, Hyoung-Jun Park, Young Soon Heo, In Hee Shin, Seihyoung Lee, and Hyun Seo Kang "Low-cost dual-wavelength optical subassembly for fiber optic applications," Optical Engineering 51(3), 035002 (14 March 2012).
Published: 14 March 2012

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