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24 February 2014 Nonline-of-sight laser gated viewing of scattered photons
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Laser gated viewing is a prominent sensing technology for optical imaging in harsh environments and can be applied for vision through fog, smoke, and other degraded environmental conditions as well as for the vision through sea water in submarine operation. A direct imaging of nonscattered photons (or ballistic photons) is limited in range and performance by the free optical path length, i.e., the length in which a photon can propagate without interaction with scattering particles or object surfaces. The imaging and analysis of scattered photons can overcome these classical limitations and it is possible to realize a nonline-of-sight imaging. The spatial and temporal distributions of scattered photons can be analyzed by means of computational optics and their information of the scenario can be restored. In particular, the information outside the line of sight or outside the visibility range is of high interest. We demonstrate nonline-of-sight imaging with a laser gated viewing system and different illumination concepts (point and surface scattering sources).
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Martin Laurenzis and Andreas Velten "Nonline-of-sight laser gated viewing of scattered photons," Optical Engineering 53(2), 023102 (24 February 2014).
Published: 24 February 2014

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