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21 April 2015 Digital holographic movie by using a point diffraction interferometer
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A method to obtain a digital holographic movie by means of a point diffraction interferometer is described. By using a parallel aligned liquid crystal wave plate of size 3×3  cm2, a phase shifting interferometric technique is implemented. The optical setup is able to operate at 10  frames/s. Each frame can be digitally refocused to reconstruct different planes of the three-dimensional (3-D) object. By changing the frame, the object can be refocused in a different time. As an example, we show a movie which contains two objects that are separated by 160 mm. The movie shows how, for a given time (a fixed hologram frame), we can focus at different planes (separated 0.1 mm) of the 3-D object, and by changing the frame the movement of the object can be observed.
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Claudio Lemmi, Claudio N. Ramírez, and Juan Campos "Digital holographic movie by using a point diffraction interferometer," Optical Engineering 54(4), 044104 (21 April 2015).
Published: 21 April 2015

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